Founders of the Center
and members of the Board:

Rossend Arques, Remo Bodei, Massimo Ciavolella, Ferruccio Farina, Roberto Fedi, and Raffaele Pinto, Natascia Tonelli.

Ferruccio Farina

Scientific Committee:
Rossend Arques, Remo Bodei, Massimo Ciavolella, Valeria Cicala, Ferruccio Farina,
Roberto Fedi, Giuseppe Mazzotta,
Piero Meldini, Deirdre O'Grady,
Raffaele Pinto, Piotr Salwa,
Natasha Tonelli, Nadia Urbinati

The International Center for Francesca da Rimini Studies [Centro Internazionale di Studi Francesca da Rimini]
was conceived in 2006 at a conference on Dante at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), when a group of scholars from various universities around the world made a commitment to promote and facilitate the study and research of Francesca da Rimini and her myth through cultural, scientific, and educational activities.

The Center is hosted in Los Angeles by the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies and in Rimini by the magazine Romagna Arte e Storia, through which the Center promotes its activities.


Since 2007, the Center has organized
the following

I. 2007, Francesca Je t’aime Rimini Museo della Città
II. 2008, Un bacio, un mito… Rimini Museo della Città
III.  2009, Parola di Donna Rimini Museo della Città
IV: 2010, Le Passioni Rimini Museo della Città
V. 2011, Legger d’Amore Rimini Museo della Città
VI.   2012, Woman in Hell | Donne all’inferno

Los Angeles, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA

VII. 2013, Burning Desire, Rimini Museo della Città
VIII. 2014, Italian Passion, Rimini Museo della Città
IX. 2015, Love And Death In The Renaissance Castle, Los Angeles, Center for Medieval and RenaissanceStudies, UCLA
X. 2018, Tra fantasia e realtà: spazi e luoghi dell'immaginario romantico, Gradara, Rocca malatestiana, Milano, Mseo Poldi Pezzoli

The central event on each of these occasions has been an academic conference, which has included theater performances, concerts, classic film screenings, and lectures.

The International Days on Francesca da Rimini were made possible through the collaboration of the Municipality of Rimini, the Rimini City Museum, and the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Participants in the Center’s conferences include prestigious scholars in a variety of disciplines (e.g. history, literature, theatre, music, and visual arts) from institutions and universities in Europe, America, and Australia. Their contributions have enriched our understanding of this extraordinary phenomenon of modem culture.

The conference proceedings from 2007 to 2012 have been published by Panozzo Editore Rimini and are available for purchase.

Other events related to the conferences include:

Processo a Gianciotto Malatesti

The public trial of Gianciotto Malatesti

Rimini, Palazzo dell’Arengo, May 2010


Francesca d’Italia

Francesca da Rimini from the Jacobin revolution to the liberation of Trieste
One hundred and fifty pieces on display for the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the Unification of Italy

Rimini Museo della Città, March 2011


Passions of Italy [Passioni d’Italia]

Francesca da Rimini in the popular imagination
Exhibit of prints and memorabilia
Los Angeles, Italian Cultural Institute, April 2012



Francesca da Rimini nelle Commedie illustrate tra XV e XX secolo, da Baccio Baldini a Renato Guttuso

Mostra di cimeli librari e di incisioni

Rimini, Museo della Città, 4 luglio - 28 September 2014



l poeta patriota e l’eroina della Libertà.

The patriot poet and the heroine of Liberty.
Cimeli on show in the bicentenary of the first edition of the tragedy Francesca da Rimini by Silvio Pellico
edited by Ferruccio Farina
In cohoperation  with Museo Biblioteca dell’Attore, Genova
Gradara, Rocca Malatestiana, September-October  2018


Francesca da Rimini di R. Zandonai
Projection of the opera on stage at the Metropolitan in New York in 1984, James Levine, Renata Scotto, Placido Domingo.
Gradara Rocca Malatestiana, Piazza d'Armi, August 2018



Storie di donne offese dalla violenza

Stories of women offended by violence

Pièce of civil theater on "gender" violence.
Text by Giuliano Turone directed by Igor Grčko.
Pesaro e Urbino. Pesaro, Teatro sperimentale, October 2018


These events have attracted the interest and earned the acclaim of scholars as well as of the general public, not only because of the importance of the Francesca myth—one of the most widespread, popular, deep-rooted, and long-lived in all of Western culture—but also because of the Center’s dedication to the quality of their content and as well as to an international and multidisciplinary perspective.



The International Center for
Francesca da Rimini Studies
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